Javascript and PHP Image Editor

JPIE Proyect allows users to edit images online. JPIE needs GD (PHP extension), Javascript and AJAX for this task.

On-line demo

Demo version JPIE 0.1

Download the last version of JPIE (Javascript and PHP Image Editor)

JPIE v. 0.1 - (213 kb)

With JPIE v. 0.1 you can:

  • Open JPEG files
  • Save JPEG files
  • Crop an area of the Image
  • Resize images
  • Rotate images
  • Infinite undo and redo

Installation guide

JPIE is very easy to use with your web. You only that your server supports PHP, and it has installed the GD2 (PHP extension)

1. step

Download and decompress the

2. Step

Upload all files to a directory [JPIE_DIRECTORY] in your webserver. For example, you can use "JPIE" as [JPIE_DIRECTORY]

3. Step

Enter your server directory in [JPIE_DIRECTORY]/includes/configure.php. Set the permissions of [JPIE_DIRECTORY]/images and [JPIE_DIRECTORY]/tmpImages to 777

4. Step

Make some link in your web to the file: [JPIE_DIRECTORY]/index.php

If you have problems to install JPIE, please contact me at: